By: M. Deen

In Sierra Leone, teenage pregnancy is a vice that is yet to be curtailed. Teenage pregnancy is caused by so many factors. Her Story Salone Series introduces a teenage mother, a Sierra Leonean living in Waterloo Community.

Life As It Is

Abibatu Tucker is a 16-year-old Sierra Leonean. She lived a life full of serenity and love with her family in the provinces before relocating to Waterloo Community in the Western Area Rural District to live with her aunt.

Who would not grab the opportunity to live and be educated in a big town? Her family thought sending Abibatu to live with her aunt in Waterloo was best.

The aunt she stayed with could not afford to support her through Senior Secondary School and also started maltreating her. Abibatu thought she could support herself in completing her education.

She met a man old enough to be her father, who supposedly loved her how she wanted. He took care of her financially. Unfortunately, she had to give something in return for that love and financial support to continue.

Her Realities

Abibatu became pregnant at the age of 16. The first thought that came to mind was abortion, but how could she undergo an unsafe abortion? She thought that the best option was to keep it. Her baby daddy acted like he loved the idea. He gave his support at the beginning of the pregnancy after Abibatu was driven away by her aunt.

During the last trimester of her pregnancy, things went downward. She discovered that the baby daddy was a married man residing in the provinces and only came to Freetown on official duties. She was devastated!

The struggles and suffering she went through broke her. She had nowhere to go. She had no one to ask for help. She could not go back to her family in the provinces.  She felt rejected and abused. Life had to move on. After she gave birth, she had to take care of her daughter and herself. She started selling foo-foo at the Waterloo market.

Unfulfilled Dreams

Abibatu’s situation is pathos. She still struggles to make ends meet and worries about her future and her baby’s.

The untold truth is that girls sometimes get pregnant while trying to empower themselves by acquiring an education because they cannot afford the expenses that come with it.

Her Message to Victims of Teenage Pregnancy

“I am a victim of teenage pregnancy, which was not planned. I was vulnerable and needed help. I was not so lucky, and the help was a disaster. I believe it’s not too late to correct my mistakes. If you have the opportunity to be educated, do take it with all seriousness and determination. We can still change societal perception. Let’s make Sierra Leone a better nation together.” – Abibatu Tucker

Call for Help

Abibatu Tucker wants to continue her education and become a nurse. She kindly asks the Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Institutions, and anyone capable of helping her further her education by providing her with school logistics and helping her take care of her child.

About  Sponsors

Pikin Bizness is a Non-Governmental Organization set up in 2001 to help vulnerable children with health problems. Three philanthropists founded the organization: Dr. Adonis Abdoud ( Chief Executive Officer), Babara Bangura, and Shelac Sunny Davies. The organization has sponsored many children with holes in their hearts to undergo successful surgeries in different hospitals abroad.

Girls Plus is an initiative of the Asmaa James Foundation, driven by community-led interventions aimed at providing access to education and information on comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights in Sierra Leone.

findmymethod.org is an online platform that provides reliable information on sexual reproductive health and rights( e.g., contraceptive methods).

Photo Credit: Moseray Koroma ( Super Mos Photography): +23278145373/ +23288914840


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