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Inspire Salone Series: She Builds


By Eunice Naffie Mustapha 

Building is a way of life! Andrea Koroma of Little Lamb Limited has dedicated her time to not just building a one-stop shop for events but also building others, most of whom society may have given up on. Selflessness can be a way of life! And the Inspire Salone Series is here to share the spice.

Training Concept 

Andrea Koroma is the brainchild behind Little Lamb Limited’s free skills-building training program. To her, poor female Sierra Leoneans who cannot afford to pay for training to learn skills they can earn from should be given opportunities to learn them for free. Little Lamb Limited always hosts such females yearly to capacitate them.

Little Lamb Limited is a one-stop event shop. Its services/products include Event Planning, Cake Making, Catering, Event Decoration, and Event Wear (Bridal and party). The company offers complementary services to make life easy for its clients.


Some people are just natural when it comes to perfecting skills. Andrea never went to any training school to learn her craft. This lady is God-made and self-made!

In 2012, Andrea started Little Lamb as a provision and stationery shop in Lunsar. At the time, her husband worked at London Mining, and she wanted to keep herself engaged. She loved cooking and added a cookery wing to the business. She was all about serving the local people.

With creativity flowing through her veins, she awoke one day and decided to bake a cake. Guess what? It came out just right! We’d say it all started with an intention to do something, which she did.

Could the newfound love go to waste? Negative! Andrea became the local cake maker for friends and family and received requests for cakes, which she always delivered.  Then someone suggested posting her work on Facebook, which gave birth to her album ‘My Creations.’ She used social media strategically to promote her business.

The Big Choice

When the business started booming in Lunsar, other opportunities said ‘hi.’ Andrea and her family had to relocate to Freetown as jobs were calling. Being a graduate, she had found a job and had to build her career. At the time, she thought she could balance her side hustle with her job. Unfortunately, that drained her! She was constantly under pressure, all stressed out with sleepless nights. That’s when her husband started baking, as he could not watch her do it all alone. Couple goals, right?

In 2016, she opened a shop in Freetown with only her husband and her nanny as support staff.  This time, the shop was all about baking, event planning, decoration, and more! Andrea quit her job, as it was time to make a big choice, and she chose to build her baby ‘Little Lamb Limited.’

First Training 

As previously stated, Andrea has always dreamed of ensuring females had access to free training opportunities. In 2016, shortly after opening her shop, she was determined to implement that initiative. She had her first training, and she employed the participants at the end of the training, providing them with not just skills but also job opportunities. Andrea Koroma committed herself to helping build others through Little Lamb Limited.


Starting a business and building it looks so attractive from the outside, as all we see are results. However, it has not always been all day and sunshine.  During her interview, she explained how difficult it is for Sierra Leoneans to sometimes accept local brands, especially at their startup stages. Andrea had the huge challenge of getting local support.

She also struggled with getting access to funds. The ideas were there, but she needed money to make them happen, and we all know how difficult it can be for businesses to get access to funds in this, our darling Salone. But Andrea pressed on!

Moreover, she had to battle corruption, both internally and externally. Some of the participants she trained stole from her, and externally, some people wanted her to buy contracts. Being a principled lady, many things were a big no for her.

Even though she faced challenges, there was so much that she could rejoice about.

Success Story

“You’re not your past, and it doesn’t define you. It’s just a place you were at and can move from it. I have seen it happen.”- Andrea Koroma

Little Lamb Limited has produced over 50 graduates, including ladies who used to be homeless, prostitutes, and hard laborers. She has transformed lives in ways she never imagined, creating great impacts she can be proud of!

Little Lamb Limited has also been sustainable for over five years. According to her, it only takes grace to build a business consistently for a long time, as the business atmosphere is toxic for young businesses in Sierra Leone.

Little Lamb Limited has baked amazing cakes and organized peng events! You cannot list top-notch event-planning companies in Sierra Leone or mention Little Lamb Limited. She called it “building something out of nothing.”

From baking that 1 cake in Lunsar, she evolved into the Chief Executive Officer of a company that does not only build others through free skills-building training but could be considered a one-stop-event-shop. What intention are you procrastinating? Be like Andrea and give it a try!

Her Message to Young Sierra Leoneans

“It doesn’t matter what space you find yourself in; you can still do something with yourself if you believe. Your beginning does not determine your end. There’s nothing you cannot do with God, and only if you believe.”

Belief for Andrea is the secret ingredient!

About Writer

Eunice Naffie Mustapha is a creative writer and a storyteller. She is a published author ( the author of Girlz Planete: Teenage Pregnancy). As the CEO of Nafisa Media Limited, she believes in using stories to inspire social change. She is a Sierra Leonean content writer renowned for submitting content to individuals and entities locally and internationally.

Photo Credit: Moseray Koroma (Super Mos Photography): +23278145373/+23288914840


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